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D'Aria History

In the heart of one of the most exciting modern wine regions in the Cape, we have the opportunity to add to the history and reputation of Durbanville.

D'Aria Vineyards is comprised of two historic farms, Doordekraal and Springfield.

During 1698 the farm Doordekraal was first granted to the widow, Tryntje Verwey whose husband died shortly after they emigrated to the Cape with their three children. Tryntje's passionate hard work and success in farming Doordekraal earned her the accolade "De Boerin" meaning "The Lady Farmer."

The farm Springfield was first granted to Ocker Cornelis Oliver, who later married Alida, one of Tryntje's daughters. Alida, like her mother was also widowed at a young age.

Tryntje, through her son Dirk, is the progenitor of the Verweys in South Africa.

Barinor, dating back to 1886, purchased the two farms Springfield and Doordekraal in 1998 and 1999 respectively, establishing D'Aria Vineyards.

D'Aria Estate is designed to awaken and celebrate the senses - to see, to smell, to touch, to taste, to hear and to feel. Our food and wine represents the culmination of all the senses into a singular performance or "Aria".

The Estate currently encompasses Poplars Restaurant (part of which dates back to 1702 - see the Koffieklip wall exposed in the bar area), D'Aria Guest Cottages, D'Aria Function Venue and D'Aria Winery.

The Muse, the symbol for D'Aria, is a youthful, free-spirited androgynous figure wearing a flamboyant hat with feather and cape. Exuding a mystical charm, the Muse playing a flute and followed by a bird in flight, is merrily strolling along, following its heart.

The land offers richness in heritage and inspiration, which we bring to life in a unique fashion of titillate the interest and imagination of both local and international visitors.

We invite you to follow your heart to D'Aria and experience it for yourself!